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Stress Test
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Are you managing your stress? Or, is it managing you?


Answer these questions Yes or No. Base your answers on the past 6 months.

    1. Do you frequently neglect your diet?     O Yes     O No    
  2. Do you usually try to do everything yourself?    O Yes    O No  
  3. Do you blow up easily?    O Yes    O No  
  4. Do you seek unrealistic goals?    O Yes    O No  
  5. Are you irritated or moody more than in the past?    O Yes    O No  
  6. Are you living in constant fear that you can't keep up with expenses?    O Yes    O No  
  7. Do you often complain that you are disorganized?    O Yes    O No  
  8. Do you typically keep everything inside?    O Yes    O No  
  9. Have you been neglecting exercise?    O Yes    O No  
  10. Do you lack supportive relationships?    O Yes    O No  
  11. Are you often tired? Not getting enough sleep?    O Yes    O No  
  12. Have you noticed an increase or decrease in your appetite?    O Yes    O No  
  13. Do you ignore stress symptoms?    O Yes    O No  
  14. Do you procrastinate and put things off until later?    O Yes    O No  
  15. Have you been feeling depressed? Lethargic?    O Yes    O No  
  16. Are you too busy to include time for relaxation daily?    O Yes    O No  
  17. Do you feel unable to cope with all you have to do?    O Yes    O No  

Total Your Answers. Each time you answered Yes, score 1.

Score is 0    Congrats, you're amazing in such difficult times
Scores of 1-3   Minimal Stress
Scores of 4-12   Stress Level rising – Life may be difficult for you
Scores of 13-16   Under a lot of stress – consider making changes!
Score of 17   Stressed Out. Danger Zone. Don't ignore!


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